Did you know that …

…The demand for certified environmentally-friendly hemp textiles is rather low? Because the quality of conventional hemp is already very pure and high-value, many people currently forgo the expensive, extensive cultivation of proven bio-hemp for large-scale production.

…Hemp is insensitive to insects and pests and resistant to disease? This property makes it possible to cultivate it without pesticides and herbicides.

…Hemp is one the oldest and most varied agricultural plants of mankind? For more than six thousand years it has been used as a source of fiber, nutrition and for medical reasons.

…Hemp has been cultivated in most asian and european countries for thousands of years? It was used as the main source for manufacturing canvas, ropes, clothes, paper and oilproducts.

…Hemp is quite legendary? The worldfamous and legendary first Jeans made by Levi Strauss got its durability not only because of rivets, but mostly because of the use of hemp fabric.

…Hemp can equalize temperature almost like silk? In cold temperatures it keeps you warm, in summer it has a nice cooling effect.

…Hemp has the same micro-electrical tautness as human skin? Research and traditional medicin recommend wearing hemp clothes especially for sensitive skin.