Feel the Nature on your skin

The Hemp Line – Natural Clothing is perfect for men and women who want to express their stylish and environmentally-friendly standards.

The light and easygoing style of our collections may lack complicated attributes, but they do keep up with fashion trends. This is what makes The Hemp Line the ideal companion for everyday living – particularly for people with sensitive skin. The skin-friendly and temperature-balancing properties of the hemp fibers ensure a high level of wearing comfort and a comfortable touch.

The Hemp Line offers twice-yearly collections of pure hemp material and mixed fibers, as well as mixes of hemp and environmentally-friendly cotton. We use only certified environmentally-friendly cotton from inspected cultivators.
Feel nature on your skin.

Hemp – Friendly to the environment and friendly on your skin

The natural properties and the high wearing comfort make hemp materials ideal for sensitive skin, because the hemp fibers have the same micro-electric tension as human skin. Similar to silk, it has a relative temperature balance thanks to its air pockets, cooling you in the summer and warming you in the winter.
This attribute makes hemp an alternative textile raw material that preserves our environment and can be handled completely responsibly, using up very few resources.

Hemp is insensitive to insects and pests and resistant to disease, which means no pesticides are needed for cultivation. Because hemp grows extremely quickly, it can be cultivated without herbicides. This provides the certainty that hemp clothing is natural in all aspects.

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